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Nick Giangreco is a second year PhD candidate in Systems Biology at Columbia University in New York City. Graduate school is an enriching and rewarding time in one’s career, especially in the biomedical sciences. As I’m pursuing my PhD in Systems Biology at Columbia University, I get the chance to hone my skills and, using … Continue reading Financial Habits Every PhD Student Should Live by

Today’s post is by a grad student who strategically took on two roles within her university aside from her job as a teaching assistant, which had an unexpected consequence. Name: Katy Peplin Institution: University of Michigan Department: Screen Arts and Cultures 1. What was your side job? Program Coordinator, Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) series for the Center … Continue reading Higher Ed Coordinator and Consultant

Shortly after my husband and I got married and combined our finances, we faced a reckoning in our budget. As we created our first combined spending plans and started our system of targeted savings accounts, we realized that our month-to-month spending was out of sync with our values and short-term goals. Chiefly, we wanted to … Continue reading Why and How I Eliminated Eating Out for Convenience in Grad School (and You Can, Too)

Today’s post is by a PhD who had extensive work experience prior to starting grad school, which she leveraged into several relatively remunerative part-time jobs. She shares honestly about the effect her extra work had on her personally. Name: Marika Morris Institution: Carleton University Department: Canadian Studies Ph.D. 1. What was your side job? Research Coordinator, Canadian Research Institute … Continue reading Independent Research Coordinator and Consultant

A version of this article was originally published on GradHacker. Irregular or non-monthly expenses can be difficult to weather for anyone, but even more so when you have a low income or little to no discretionary income. Irregular expenses are a nearly universal pain point among graduate students. Any (relatively) large expenses that crop up … Continue reading How to Manage Irregular Expenses with Limited Cash Flow

Two young adults graduate with the same major from the same college in the same year. One of them gets a job and the other enters a funded graduate program. Their financial lives have just diverged, despite their similar professional starting points, and it’s not because the graduate student lacks an income. Here are the … Continue reading How Graduate Students Are Financially Distinct from Young Professionals