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Having been sufficiently convinced that it is a great idea to start investing during graduate school, you’re eager to get your money working for you. But as beneficial as investing is for the long-term growth of your personal net worth, you must make sure that your finances are sufficiently prepared in the here and now. … Continue reading Are You Ready to Invest Your Grad Student Stipend?

While you’re in graduate school, you have the option of deferring payments on the student loans you have previously taken out. This is a very standard procedure that your lender should have no trouble helping you with once you make the request. Deferment means that you are not required to make payments on your student … Continue reading Why Pay Down Your Student Loans in Grad School?

Financial considerations for graduate students becoming parents. If your relationship with your graduate advisor can be compared to a marriage, the dissertation you create together is your child. You conceive it together in early days and then spend 5 (or 6 or 7 or…) years raising it up until it can make its way into … Continue reading Birthing a Baby Before You Birth Your Dissertation

You’re a graduate student with the means and desire to save for your future. What is the best way to do so? If you have taxable compensation, the Roth IRA is an awesome choice. IRAs confer long-term tax advantages so your money grows at its maximum possible rate. The Roth version of an IRA is … Continue reading Why the Roth IRA Is the Ideal Long-Term Savings Vehicle for a Grad Student

Graduate school is a financially challenging time even if you are fully funded. Your stipend isn’t intended to do much more than pay your basic living expenses. You are likely young and relatively inexperienced with managing money, especially for long-term goals. You’re short on time to learn about financial best practices, and you may even … Continue reading Why You Should Invest During Grad School

A version of this article first appeared on GradHacker. There are a few different versions of the “rule of thumb” regarding how much of your income to spend on housing. No more than 25-30% of your take-home pay seems to be the consensus, with a few outliers. But as a graduate student receiving a stipend, … Continue reading How Much of Your Stipend Should You Spend on Rent?