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Sometimes when I meet someone in a social setting and they find out what I do, they ask me for my very best tip to help them improve their finances. I know I only have a few seconds to impart potentially life-changing information at a moment when they are open to it, so I have … Continue reading The Best First Step to Improve Your Finances

Today I’m sharing with you a graph that I show during “The Graduate Student’s Guide to Personal Finance.” It’s always shocking to the audience. It motivates some people to save during grad school and some people think it’s unreasonable; I’ll break all of that down here. The point of this graph is to illustrate the … Continue reading Whether You Save During Grad School Can Have a $1,000,000 Effect on Your Retirement

Today’s post is by a grad student who expanded her transferable skills through a series of summer jobs. Name: Sudiksha Joshi Institution: West Virginia University Department: Natural Resource Economics 1. What was your side job and how much did you earn? While pursuing my Master’s Degree I worked in the Library (Cataloguing) and was paid … Continue reading Serial Graduate Assistant

The full cost of applying to PhD programs is significant; it can easily surpass $1,000 and even reach a few thousand dollars if you take a GRE prep course, apply to a large number of programs, and/or pay out of pocket to visit the universities you applied to. Given the enormous impact where and with … Continue reading The Full Cost of Applying to PhD Programs

Today’s post is by a grad student who networked her way into her side job – but not networking as you might usually think of it. Name: Anna Marie Trester Institution: Georgetown Department: Linguistics 1. What was your side job? Linguistics Researcher for the website which accompanied the film: Do You Speak American? 2. How … Continue reading Linguistics Researcher for a Movie Website

Nick Giangreco is a second year PhD candidate in Systems Biology at Columbia University in New York City. Graduate school is an enriching and rewarding time in one’s career, especially in the biomedical sciences. As I’m pursuing my PhD in Systems Biology at Columbia University, I get the chance to hone my skills and, using … Continue reading Financial Habits Every PhD Student Should Live by