Figure Out Your Taxes


Figuring out whether and how much to pay in income taxes is probably the #1 area of money management that stumps graduate students, and it seems no one is able to help. Parents, friends, even income tax preparers are all confused… and the people who know how to help, the university and funding agency employees, are barred from giving tax advice!

We are not tax professionals here at GSF, but we are graduate students who have pored over IRS documentation to figure it out. We will cut through the legalese to give you the straight information you need to file your taxes, all the while linking to reliable documentation so you can check it for yourself.

Grad Student Income Tax Guide 2016

Grad students, don’t believe these tax lies!

Do I have to pay income tax?

How do I prepare my taxes in filing season?

How do I calculate and report my taxable income?

Do I have to pay income tax throughout the year and how do I do it?


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