Tell Your Money Story!

Grad Student Finances is seeking content submissions from current and former graduate students on their money stories, experiences, and strategies from grad school.




The submissions can be short-form or long-form, and can convey something as small as a frugal tactic to something as large as your savings journey through graduate school. There are three basic forms of content that we are looking for:

Content Type 1: Vignettes

Subsidized Basketball Tickets

Emily Roberts

Duke University

Biomedical Engineering

Basketball is a way of life on Tobacco Road. Even though I wasn’t a sports fan coming in to grad school, getting connected with the basketball culture really opened up my social life. As grad students, we have the easiest/cheapest route into Cameron Indoor Stadium of anyone – and our section is right behind one basket! In September, we camp out in groups for 36 hours and those who make it to enough checks are entered into a lottery for season tickets. A season ticket cost $250 in 2014, which works out to about $14/game. We share the season tickets within a group and watch many of the games together on TV when we aren’t attending. Over the years, my basketball group has become my closest friends in my city. Considering that the undergraduates have to camp out for months and others have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for season tickets, we really get a great deal!

Our goal is to include a vignette about 150 words in length on each of the article pages to illustrate the point or tell a related story. The high-level topics that the articles are organized into are: stretch that stipend, pay/get paid for school, figure out your taxes, protect and grow your wealth, and have a life, too. Whatever vignette you would like to contribute, we will find a place for it or, in time, write an article to support it.

Content Type 2: Side/Temporary Job Posts

We have an entire section of the site dedicated to the ways that grad students have earned money on the side, either part-time during school or full-time during breaks. The extra income could be something that advanced your training, something you did as a monetized hobby, or a job you took just for the paycheck.

The questions we request that you answer in this type of post are:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Your University:
  3. Your Department/Program:
  4. What is/was your side or temporary job?
  5. How much do/did you earn?
  6. How do/did you balance your job with your graduate work?
  7. Does/did your job complement your graduate work or advance your career?
  8. How did you get started with your job?
  9. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience?

Content Type 3: Story Posts

If you have a longer story you want to tell, we can find a spot for it. We can link to a story published on your website from a related page on GSF. GSF can also publish posts by readers. For example, we are linking to this post from Evolving Personal Finance on buying furniture sparingly from our page on frugality in home furnishings.


If you would be willing to contribute one or more of these types of stories to the site (you can do so as anonymously as you like), please email contact at gradstudentfinances dot org with the subject you want to write about or the full submission. If you have any ideas for other forms of content submission, please let us know!

Thanks for being part of the Grad Student Finances community!


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